Hello There!

I’m Jace – a lonely, thirty-something, semi-housebound disabled white person who likes to have opinions about things on the internet. Since we’re all locked inside our houses at the moment I don’t have anyone to talk to – so hurray, a blog!

I am a fan of multiple things: aside from Star Wars you may find me rambling about Star Trek, Stargate, superheroes, space, video games, dice games, and other such stereotypical nerdy things. I do not have a very good succinctness filter, so you may want to ensure that you have easy access to drinks, snacks, and a bathroom before reading anything I’ve written.

Every now and again there may be some little fan fiction things that sneak in as well. I also suffer from a chronic illness, so I may talk about my struggles dealing with that from time to time. Basically, if it’s too long for Twitter, it’s probably here.

If you’re curious about my chronic illness, check out my What’s Wrong With You, Dude? post.
If you’re curious about my username and the affiliated feels, check out Uncle Wan Kenobi.

Since I am old*, I have been nerding around the internet for quite a while. You may know me from elsewhere as Captain Untouchable, or on Twitter as @UncleWanKenobi.

* for certain values of old.